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Power of Amplified Light Against Chromogenic Bacterial Stains - A Case Report
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Journal of Multidisciplinary
Dental Research


Journal of Multidisciplinary Dental Research

Volume: 9, Issue: 2, Pages: 64–66

Case Report

Power of Amplified Light Against Chromogenic Bacterial Stains - A Case Report

Received Date:11 October 2022, Accepted Date:02 December 2022, Published Date:28 December 2023


The treatment of black stains has always been a grey area for the dentists to deal with due to its recurrence. The more effective treatments in current literature are lactoferrin, diode laser, laser Nd:YAG and phototherapy. An attempt was made to remove the stain using low level laser therapy with the similar principle of lethal laser photosensitization and photodynamic therapy without the use of any dye. Our study showed a positive result with the reduction of black stains over a period of 1 year. Hence, the use of LLLT could be considered as one of the adjunct treatment modality for chromogenic bacterial stains.

Keywords: Black stains, Biostimulation, Chromogenic bacterial stains, Diode laser, Low level laser therapy


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